The Backyard Revolution by Zack Bennet – My Honest Review

On a dark, rather doleful night in the fall of 2016, a 2yo girl-afraid of the dark-cried and her family escaped a burglary.

Over 4,500 American families are now safe because of what happened that fateful night in October. 

You too can keep your family safe thanks to a simple program that was developed following the events of that October night, based on a 2012 MIT study; The Backyard revolution.

Backyard Revolution is a comprehensive online program created by Zack Bennet (more about him later) when his 2yo beautiful daughter saved the day-night, rather- when their house was being burgled. 

The goal of the program is to teach and guide you to set up a reliable power system that generates electricity right from your backyard.

Now. I know you probably expected Zack Bennet’s big, save-the-world idea to be a self-defense program. 

Especially since his family had to endure a burglary ordeal.


While the right kind of self-defense training does boost your confidence and increase safety, you can never really know how serious an attacker is.

 “What if he has a gun?…” Zack’s wife asked, stopping him from going to confront the burglar.

What Zack Bennet and his family experienced that night was a vulnerability that he’d never thought would result from a harmless enough event.

A power outage!

Terrified for the life of his family, Zack set out to find a solution that would help them get through a power outage in the event they go through a similar experience.

What he came up with isn’t a guide on how to survive a power outage

It’s a way to avoid it altogether.

Why this is important

Electrical power outages are becoming all too common.

One minute, you’re having dinner with your family, or even casually enjoying your favorite evening TV show…the next minute the whole neighborhood is pitch black.


And then, one-by-one, the neighborhood dogs join in a group night barking session.

Unfortunately, power outages are unavoidable

60% of all power outages result from violent storms. 

34% is a result of equipment failure owing to the aged and overloaded power grid. 

The government’s poor (lack of) disaster preparedness too can be blamed for the unreliability of the nation’s electrical grid.

Whatever the reason for a blackout, the situation doesn’t seem to get any better, anytime soon.

In fact, power outages are feared to be increasing not only in frequency but also in duration.

While most blackouts are harmless, some are just nasty and often expose our homesteads to the dangers of the night. 

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, there’s no denying that a blackout will inconvenience you in one way or the other.

I’m thinking about the family member who depends on medical equipment that runs on electricity. A blackout can result in a life-threatening medical emergency.

What about your home business? 

Think of the inconveniences you will cause your clients because of even an hour-long blackout. 

Let alone the loss of income from delayed order processing or even failure to honor deadline agreements.

Do you have a fully stocked home food pantry? 

Whether it is a sizable stock for the week’s extra food or a large stock of food for long-term emergencies, you don’t want to go without power. 

According to the FDA, refrigerated fresh and perishable consumables need to be disposed of if the fridge goes without power for more than 4 (four) hours.

If you are a business traveler or a frequent flyer and you are rarely at home, you want to trust there will always be the power to run your high-end $70/mo home security system.

It is important that a home security system never goes off. 

Not just because of a break-in, but also in the event of a smoke or CO (carbon monoxide) related emergency.

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How Does Backyard Revolution Help?

With a system like Backyard Revolution that generates electricity so you don’t have to succumb to the unreliability of complete reliance on the national grid…

…you can always have access to the comforts and necessities of your home.

The power station acts as an alternative energy option or backup system that keeps generating electricity in the event of a blackout.

The idea behind the Backyard Revolution system is to offer homes more options to protect their families and investments by having a secondary power system that allows more time to make critical decisions in emergency situations.

If you’re looking for another form of the secondary power system, I’d recommend you check out my reviews of the Ultimate Energizer Guide and Power Efficient System

Backyard Revolution is designed to help you develop a resilient power station that provides reliable electricity for medically-vulnerable households.

Electricity-dependent individuals are sure to have continuous power connections to run not only critical medical equipment like the oxygen concentrator and intravenous equipment

…but to also sustain the day-to-day power needs for:

  • Mobility devices and power wheelchairs
  • Communication devices and
  • Refrigeration for insulin, nebulizers, and other prescription medication

Think also of the food losses you can prevent just because you took some time to set up an inexpensive yet extremely efficient and reliable power system.

You’ll be surprised to learn that in one extended outage, you’ll have saved more than is enough to fund the complete Backyard Revolution self-reliance home power project.

If you are thinking more in terms of a survival scenario, then the power station system premised in the Backyard Revolution program is an excellent primary power option that can help you get off-grid completely.

Since a single module may not be sufficient to power an entire house, you’ll need to calculate the daily power consumption of your household so that you can plan how far to scale the system.

 In most cases, you will only need to add multiple modules.

The program guides you on how to go about the scaling process

You and your family can stay safe and sound in any situation that threatens to knock the national grid down – even in an extended nation-wide power outage.

About The Program

The Backyard Revolution program is intended to provide you with information and practical solutions to help you achieve energy independence

It is designed to be a step-by-step guide to help you develop a modern power generation system based on a 3D solar power station model

The end result is a modern power station that features layers of solar panels in a zig-zag pattern so that each panel receives maximum exposure of the sunlight.

Unlike with traditional panel laying designs for harvesting solar energy, which waste up to 90% of the energy harvested…

…the 3D solar power generation system promoted by Backyard Revolution retains nearly all the energy collected by the angled, multi-layered solar panels. 

By addressing the massive inefficiency gap inherent in traditional solar energy generation systems, Backyard Revolution reopens the doors to the use of solar panels to create off-grid energy systems for domestic use.

The solar array Backyard Revolution will help you develop is compact in nature.

It requires less than 10sq ft of space so it shouldn’t be a problem for most households. 

Conventional solar power systems traditionally used to tap into the power of the sun usually require 95% more surface area to set up.

Zack Bennet’s solar station design allows for the connection of multiple modules to scale up the energy generated from your power station.

Having two or so solar arrays should be enough to power an entire house and cut off from the national grid completely.

Ambitious fellows can connect multiple solar arrays and qualify to feed the grid with power from their backyard power station and earn discounts from their local utility.

Installation is a breeze.

You don’t need to be a techy to set up this self-reliance power station, and neither will you need to contact a professional contractor to do the installation.

 Zack Bennet’s program has a way of breaking down the complex process involved in creating and installing the home power station so that it is simple for anyone to follow.

The step-by-step instructions combined with shopping lists, pictures, and diagrams with dimensions make the process quite simple.

How The Program Works

Backyard Revolution teaches you how to install an innovative 3D home solar power station in your backyard.

The program comes in a DVD video tutorial and a physical guide book that provides detailed information to guide you from start to finish when building the solar power station.

It consists of;

  •  Videos
  • Pictures
  • The process in diagrams
  • A list of tools and materials
  • Parts dimensions
  • And a wiring guide.

The guide even advises on where to purchase the tools and materials required to complete the project.

Once you purchase the program, you can download the guide material into your computer or mobile device (sneak peek at the end of this article).

You will also have the option of viewing video tutorials online in case you don’t have enough storage on your devices. 

This is a convenient option for when you need to access the program from different devices without necessarily downloading it into each of them.

Even so, all downloads are instant.

The program comes with a few bonuses aimed to help you build a more supportive homestead.

These bonuses provide additional information on how to survive different situations that lead to total grid power failure. 

For bonus material, they feature a great deal of detail into the topics they address.

When you finalize your purchase, Backyard Revolution will mail a tactical flashlight to you.

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Putting Everything Together

Backyard Revolution is the guide program only.

Materials for developing the 3D solar array are not kitted with the purchase of this guide. 

This means that you’ll need to acquire the material and tools required to develop the power station, outside of the initial purchase for the guide.

The guide lists recommendations for where you can purchase the required material.

The final structure is a compact solar array with that solar panels (Photo-Voltaic modules) arranged in a towering structure.

The modules are stacked one on top of the other, angled for maximum exposure to the sun rays such that you have an upright standing solar array with solar panels laid in a zig-zag formation.

$200 (give or take) is how much the completed project will cost from start until you have a functioning power station.

For the average family, that should be the equivalent of a month or two power utility bills.

10sq ft. The space you’ll require to set up your solar power station. 

Find a sunny spot on your backyard or balcony and you’ll be glad you found out about the system. 

There is no maintenance required, save for the occasional panel cleaning to get rid of any debris that might have collected on the surface of the solar modules.

4 hours. The time it will take you to build the solar electric system by Backyard Revolution.

This is something you can do on your own.

If you can manage a helping hand, the process would take even less time.

“0”-zero. Handyman experience required. 

Backyard Revolution explains everything in detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

This isn’t rocket science.

I figure the most difficult thing you might have to do is the cutting bit. 

If you are up for it, you can turn this into one of your weekend projects and see how saving money on huge electricity bills can be a lot of fun.

Meet Zack Bennet: Backyard Revolution Creator

A husband. A father. A hardworking carpenter based in Orlando.

Zack Bennet created Backyard Revolution so that you and I can take advantage of the power provided freely every day by the sun, without having to pay a premium for that benefit.

His idea was to find a solution for generating electricity locally so you don’t have to rely on the ever-failing national grid, especially in times of emergency.

The solution had to be inexpensive so that anyone can afford it.

It had to be reliable. It had to be efficient. And it had to be scalable.

He knew solar was the way to go when he stumbled upon a 2012 MIT breakthrough which delivered an innovative system for harvesting solar energy.

The MIT team behind the study came up with a 3-D design solar array which they had tested to produce double the solar power, compared to traditional solar arrays.

Zack Bennet built his ideas around the 2012 MIT discovery.

While the MIT team had found a brilliant way of reducing the massive inefficiency gap typical of traditional solar arrays, replicating their study and design to produce an actual, functioning 3D solar system you can use to power your home posed a problem.

This is perhaps the reason why this brilliant discovery didn’t receive the attention it deserved.

Now, Zack Bennet is no genius but circumstances forced him to think outside the box and come up with a way he could make the MIT discovery practical so his family didn’t have to rely on the crippled national grid.

When his family narrowly escaped a burglary ordeal during a power outage, he swore he’d never leave his family vulnerable and exposed for lack of power.

He couldn’t help the thought that “A simple porch light could’ve kept that criminal away.”

His decision to “go solar” was really more about survival and independence than anything.

No matter the case, Backyard Revolution was born.

A program that anyone could use to harvest the power of the sun, with maximum efficiency, for the cost of a month’s power utility bill.

Zack Bennet made the program to be easy-to-follow.

Practical enough to power an entire house. Compact enough to install on a tiny space. 

And affordable enough that any homestead can be part of his revolution.

The best thing is that he promises immediate results or he will not have your money for the program!

An honest enough family man who wants the best for all the little girls out there.

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Who will benefit from Backyard Revolution?

If you are ready to take advantage of the readily available solar energy and cut your monthly utility bill by more than 50%, you will benefit from Zack Bennet’s program. 

Backyard Revolution will guide you through the whole process of building an efficient solar power generator so you can save money starting the following month.

Anyone who’s gone through a nasty situation following a power outage can benefit from Backyard Revolution.

Whether you are looking for a grid-tie solar electric system or an off-grid system so you don’t have to succumb to the unreliability of the national grid, Backyard Revolution has got you covered.

 Zack Bennet’s solution makes energy independence not only practical but also affordable.

If your parents, uncle, colleague, or neighbor will only put money in projects that will recoup their investment in a short time, you have to tell them about Backyard Revolution. 

First, they’ll only invest about as much as their monthly electricity bill will cost.

And, they only pay once for it. 

Second, they’ll have saved about 50% within the month. 

And if they don’t feel their money’s worth within 60 days…a full refund, no questions asked.

What about your friends who stay in states experiencing extreme temperatures?

They need to have their air conditioning or heating running continuously so they feel at home in their homes

Unfortunately for them, they will have to contend with huge power bills at the end of every month.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the Backyard Revolution would be a really thoughtful gift.

The same goes for anyone who resides in areas prone to extreme weather that threaten to knock power out.

The Backyard Revolution guide will help create a reliable, weather-proof power generator to keep the family safe and sound in the house and escape the dangers of a power outage.

Still On The Fence?

Just because you don’t feel the need to cut down your electricity usage doesn’t make you abnormal.

I mean, everybody buys things they don’t need at some point, whether it’s an expensive pair of designer jeans, the latest model of the same phone you own, or another golf club just to impress the members in your club.

That’s not to say that Zack Bennet’s program is aimed at frugality.

You can very well cut your electricity usage by half using Mr. Bennet’s solution and at the same time splurge all you can buying expensive handbags, shirts, and whatnots.

For some people, it’s about saving the world really.

Did you know that switching to solar (or any other renewable energy for that matter) helps prevent more than 6,250 pounds of carbon dioxide from saturating the atmosphere? 

That’s equivalent to driving 18K miles!

But, that’s beside the point.

The reason you are not convinced Backyard Revolution is worth a shot is you are financially comfortable and there’s no reason you can think of to start pursuing an efficient lifestyle.

Yes, power does go out in your area, but they always come back and you haven’t experienced any life-threatening situation during a blackout.

Or maybe you are tired of the unreliability of the national grid, and you really want to go “independent” but you have put up your “scam screen”…reluctant to part with your hard-earned money on yet another rip-off available on the internet.

In which case, Zack Bennet pledges a full-refund should anyone not get the intended results within 60 days after purchasing his product.


I found quite a number of Backyard Revolution reviews on the internet and the experiences for each customer is unique.

I was particularly impressed with a review from one of the customers from Oklahoma.

“My husband first told me about the digital-course when he came back home from a business trip to Australia. Sure, he’d seem it work but I wasn’t convinced.

In fact, I couldn’t stop laughing that he thought he could power the whole house with a solar system that looks like it’s meant for kids’ projects.

He convinced me to let him get the kit, all the same, so he can do it as a weekend project with our 14yo curious son.

They completed it that very weekend and I never heard a word about the project.
Three months later he flew back to Australia.

That month, I got the power bill and it said to pay $51.07. I didn’t understand; I thought there was a mistake.

But when I phoned the utility company, they confirmed that the figure was correct.

David later called and said he’d connected the “toy” and he’d been paying not more than $100 ever since he got it to work.

My neighbors couldn’t believe me until I got them our utility receipts. Most have gotten the system and they just never stop thanking me.

At some point, I felt like I invented the thing.

Amanda Sullivan

What I Like About The Backyard Revolution

  • Only 30 minutes to watch instruction videos and read the guide book
  • You no longer have to rely on the public power grid
  • It only takes up minimal space
  • You will receive detailed instructions to build your alternative energy system
  • The setup and installation last 4-5 hours
  • The system can be scaled to give you as much power as you want
  • You can contact the author via email for 12 months
  • The system doesn’t require any maintenance
  • Affordable guide and materials needed to build the system are very inexpensive
  • 60 Days, 100% money-back guarantee

What I Dislike About Backyard Revolution Solar Program

  • It could take longer if you are not familiar with the design and tasks involved
  • You’ll need to invest in a battery backup large enough to support your home
  • Depending completely on solar energy may expose your family during cloudy and rainy days

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Private Member’s Area

I know you think I should have started with this section.

But then again, you wouldn’t have fully appreciated this program if you didn’t fully understand the workings behind it, how it will benefit you, and why it was even created in the first place.

For this section, I will take you through an in-depth look into the Backyard Revolution program.

When you complete the purchase for Backyard Revolution, you will receive an email with a link to your Member’s Area.

The first downloadable file is a PDF that contains the exact blueprint for creating the 3D solar array.

Zack Bennet explains in 8 detailed chapters how you can develop a vertical 3D solar station occupying less than 10 sq ft to power your house.

You can access your video guides from the member’s area page.

There are two parts of the video guide dubbed “3D Solar Panel part 1” and “3D Solar Panel part 2”.

You have the option to download or stream online as many times as you would like.

From the quality of the videos, you’ll notice that these are amateur videos.

Even so, I found them clear enough to quickly understand and follow the instruction in them.

I figured that Zack Bennet probably shot the video on his own, but he did a good job for a non-pro.

Chapter-by-Chapter Breakdown of the PDF

Here’s a complete breakdown of what Zack Bennet put together in the PDF manual; in case you are still wondering.

Chapter 1:

​​You will be taken through a list of tools you will need to complete the project. 

You probably have some of these tools lying around in your toolbox or garage.

If you are a DIY enthusiast like me, this is the section where you tool-up. Chances are you have most of the tools needed.

Chapter 2:

Zack lists the materials and plans you will need for building the vertical solar power station

Also, you may already have some of these materials; silicone sealants, nails, screws, etc.

What you don’t have, Zack will recommend some good places to acquire the materials for a reasonable price.

Chapter 3:

Here, you will get the dimensions of the relevant materials so you can have everything to scale.

It is important that you take this part seriously since one part that goes off could impact badly on the final results.

Chapter 4:

Zack goes into detail to explain how to put the materials together and build the actual 3D solar station

He lays down the instructions in plain simple English so anyone can follow through. 

He uses clear-cut diagrams to drive his point home. 

No way you’ll get lost here.

Chapter 5:

Further explanations for building the frame of the solar station.

In this section, Zack added pictures of him working on the structure.

Chapter 6:

This section will teach you how to attach the solar modules to your completed solar array tower frame. This section also contains pictures.

Chapter 7:

This section is about wiring.

Zack uses diagrams to explain how you should connect multiple modules (solar panels) together, and how to connect the solar array to the charge controller.

Chapter 8:

At this point, we have power coming from the solar array.

Zack shows us how we can store electricity generated by the solar array into the battery bank. 

He explains how power is drawn into the house through the inverter. 

In the end, this is how your 3D solar station should look like:

Exclusive Bonuses

The Backyard Revolution guide comes with a few additional benefits that Zack says will soon be taken off the table. 

If you ask me, these are as good as the guide for building the 3D solar array.

I know a shrewd salesman who would have charged for these bonuses and made good money from the sale.

1) Homestead EMP Protection Protocol

This is a report that will teach you how to protect your power supply station and home from an EMP crisis.

2) Energy Stockpiling Secrets

This report goes into details of how you can store excess power drawn from your solar array.

You will know best practices, ideal battery options for your situation, and even how to repair or revive your old batteries.

3) Homestead Alternative Energy Sources

This is another special report that will list the myriad of options you have in natural energy sources

Your family will never be vulnerable again even if they relied on one option.

As long as you have the knowledge, you can implement an alternative immediately one source (option) is threatened.

In Conclusion…

Whether you are looking for an alternative energy solution to complement the grid power and cut back over $1,000 yearly…

…Or you want a reliable power source that will keep your house warm and lit during the rampant power outages in your zone…

…Zack Bennet’s “green” energy generator comes highly recommended.

For the first time, you will be able to tap into the benefits of solar power that people have paid tens of thousands of dollars for that luxury.

I must admit, for me, going solar for just $240 seemed far-fetched.

You know, the makings of a Ponzi scheme!

But seeing the number of positive customer reviews on the internet plus the fact that I would get all my money back if the idea didn’t work, I was convinced.

I highly recommend this program.

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