Fun tour

“Kathryn & I had a fantastic experience with you whilst we were in South Africa, it feels like a part of us is missing now were back!

It’s still hard to believe exactly how much we managed to fit into our 5-day tour, everyone I’ve told about the trip has been amazed! As we said, most people go on holiday just to relax…. NOT us!

Your tour lived up to & even surpassed our dreams!

I don’t know many people who can boast of any of these activities, let alone doing them all within 5 days!

Cage diving with Great White sharks, bungy jumping (including the world’s largest), cage diving with crocodiles, going into lion & cheetah enclosures to pet them, riding an ostrich, caving (even though I did get stuck for a second!

I remember you finding highly amusing!), zip lining, paragliding and feeding elephants (although it wasn’t on you tour list, at that time!).

Most people don’t get to do these things in a lifetime, but your tour somehow manages to fit it all in & even adjust should there be any adverse weather or unexpected delay for some other reason. (Like fitting in other things we wanted to do!)

We found the township tour a highly educational experience and would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t know much about the country’s political past (Well we’d recommend it even if they do!).

It takes a while for all the information to sink in, but we were certainly enlightened by how things have moved on since apartheid & how things are still progressing forward. As we know these things take time!

All the accommodation we stayed in was fantastic too, especially the beach house in Wilderness, a definite place on our list to re-visit.

I must commend you on the research that you did in putting together such a well thought out package. I certainly hope that we’ll be back one day soon to see if you can add some extra extreme activities to the list? Not that I can think there are many left myself, but if I do, I’ll be sure to pass the idea on!”